Bio: I'm an independent Franciscan and was ordained a priest in Uraguay July 4, 2008. After several years of active service I became ill and became unable to fulfill my obligations as a priest. I have been retired since but due to better health am looking into the possibility of doing spiritual work and being an instrument of the Divine to bring love and compassion where ever I go. I DO have a lot of spiritual work I need to do on myself. I am not perfect and will never claim to be anything near perfection. I am al child of the Divine, as are all of us. My path is primarily liberal in nature, though I have conservative aspects as well. I feel that it is important to listen to what the Earth is telling us and we must start reevaluating our ideas of what constitutes a fulfilling life. We are vastly over-consuming the resources of our planet and we are despoiling it with pollutants in the air and chemicals in our soil that it is not able to repair by itself. The Climate is more bizarre than any time in recorded history and our oceans have become less able to sustain aquatic life which we need to feed us. Well, the problems are too vast to talk about here. Some of my blogs will show my point-of-view on many matters. Not that I am a vast warehouse of knowledge but I put information together with a hope that at least some of it is beneficial to others. I have decided to write about my upcoming journey to living a nomadic life. I hope to purchase a smallish travel trailer and a pickup truck capable of towing said trailer. I hope to encourage conversation with others and may find guidance from you and that my guidance may be helpful for you, as well. I am really looking forward to this process because I believe it will help to so make better decisions after more complete consideration of factors in to find a successful and fulfilling life. I hope everyone can find a way to live well on less. Our possessions hold us back and swallow up our resources, financial and psychological, so we would do well to change our ways. The adventure begins!

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