Setting Goals

I have been told that writing about your goals helps you to have clarity, which helps you to achieve your goals.  So, here I go for clarity!

All of my adult life my dream has been to live a something other than an ordinary life.  I have always had an affinity for Nature and living a sustainable live.  Of course, back then we didn’t even have sustainable in our vocabulary.  Ecological was fairly new in the lexicon.  Organic was the word of the day.  I had two false starts towards living in a sustainable way.

I once purchased five acres near Mora, Minnesota, which I never did anything with because on my first weekend visit I was attacked by Dear Flies and Mosquitos.  I also learned that the water table was barely below the surface–about two feet–which made building a good foundation for a cabin almost impossible, at least financially.  I thought I would come up with some ideas on making it possible but never came up with anything financially reasonable.  As life sometimes goes, I wound up moving to Iowa, Kansas and, then, Arizona.  My parents oversaw the sale of the land in Mora.  I didn’t make any money in the sale, to put it mildly.  It took several years for my folks to get the deed done.  Evidently there aren’t many folks, like me, that want to live in a swamp in Northern Minnesota!  Who knew?

After a few years in Arizona I decided to look for a parcel in the North-Central part of the State and to the West of Flagstaff.  I found a beautiful parcel for a very reasonable price and purchased it.  I had almost five acres of mostly forested land in a hilly area.  The last half-mile of road was really something!  I’m glad I had 4-wheel drive or I would never have made it.  I loved it there!  There was only one problem–it was 1500 feet, minimum, to water and that was under a layer of granite that I’m not sure how many feet thick it was.  There was a community water tower in a small town and that wasn’t very far.  So, I considered having water hauled to the land. Again, that was a very expensive idea.  So, I thought I would haul the water myself in a water tank on a trailer.

In the meantime, I purchased a pop-up tent trailer and set it up.  I purchased a 200 watt solar panel and two deep cell batteries.  I visited a few times and really enjoyed being in the fresh air.  I also found a small area that, when I stood on it, I felt a very low electrical charge that went all of the way to the top of my head.  I had always heard of vortexes  but had never put much truck in them.  Now, I had to rethink that idea.

I became quite ill in about the second year after I purchased the land and wasn’t able to get up there.  After being absent for over a year went up only to find the tires, solar panel and batteries stolen.  The brakes had been set on the trailer in such a way that the thieves must had decided not to haul the trailer out.  Because I was so ill, I didn’t return except for one time with a group of friends.  I put it up for sale and have done nothing about land since.

I wanted to live a sustainable lifestyle.  I didn’t have grand plans plans for either parcel of land that I had purchased.  I wanted a simple one-room cabin, a small barn for goats and chickens, solar and wind-power and a WELL.  I laugh now because one parcel had water right under my feet and was basically swamp land and the other had water down about $25,000.00 worth.  I had to rethink my plans completely because there were so many obstacles with each attempt.  Obstacles are for a reason.   I now feel that my motivations were totally out of kilter and I was very immature in the decision process.  Plus, it simply was not the right thing for me to do this.  I didn’t have the energy or the means.

How have things changed over the years?  Check  the next post.


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A Fresh Start

I first created this blog a long time ago.  I promptly ignored it until now.  It’s really time for me to put ideas for the future on record which will help me achieve the goals making their way through my cluttered brain!

It really is very easy to put roadblocks ahead of our lives.  I know it’s an old saying and it is really true but I don’t want to be at the end of my life and regret what I haven’t done.  It is so easy to make excuses for not doing something. Sometimes there are valid reasons for not reaching out for a life goal.  Just be sure the reason is valid and not fear of failure.  The only real failure is not doing!

I, honestly, have used health as an excuse without looking into the possibilities for getting around my condition.  I have a pain disorder called Fibromyalgia–a serious case of it.  Since the introduction of Lyrica to my medical regime, my pain has been controlled amazingly!  I wish my pain managers had not assumed that it wouldn’t work because of many years of using opiates for relief.  When I moved close to my family I found an amazing doctor who decided to prescribe it for me.

I became so used to feeling terrible and a little disoriented from the opiates, that I pretty much determined that life would be very limited for the remaining years.  Over the years I also wound up with a hip that needs replacing, spinal stenosis,diverticulitis and type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is completely controllable, as is diverticulitis.  injections relieve the spinal stenosis and I will receive a new hip in a few months, after I get my teeth all pulled.  NO MORE EXCUSES!


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